Thursday, September 8, 2011

Handy Tips on working on Microsoft Word or Outlook

I have complied a small set of handy tips for working on Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook –

1. To change case (toggle between upper case, lower case and camel case),  select the text and press Shift+F3

2. While editing documents, it is not uncommon to delete words, phrases, and the like. Different people take different approaches to the task. For instance, some people just select the text and press Delete, while others may simply hold down the Delete or Backspace keys until the unwanted characters disappear.
If you are in the latter group, and you spend a lot of time pressing Delete or Backspace, you may be interested in a handy shortcut provided by Word.
All you need to do is hold down the Ctrl key to speed up your editing tasks.
Here is a list of what you can achieve with this

Ctrl+ <-- (left arrow key)        Goto Previous word
Ctrl+ --> (right arrow key)      Goto Next word
Ctrl+Delete      Delete Next word
Ctrl+Backspace      Delete Previous word

An interesting use of these shortcut keys is to speed up editing tasks, not just mass deletions. For instance, let's say you wanted to change the word "side step" to "sideways." Normally you would find some way to simply delete "step" and type "ways." This could involve pressing Delete or Backspace four times to get rid of the unwanted portion of the word. You can make your edit faster if you just position the insertion point at the beginning of "step," press Ctrl+Delete once, and then type "ways." Personally I have found this tip very useful and I use it very frequently.

3. If you find yourself working on the same document in multiple editing sessions, you can use this tip to get started faster. If you open a document you were editing when you last used Word, you can use the SHIFT+F5 keyboard combination to quickly jump to where you were last working in the document. This is also a good way to get back to what you were editing after browsing through a document.
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4. Word provides a way to quickly increase the point size of a selection. To do this, follow these steps:
1.      Select the text whose point size you want to increase.
2.      Press Ctrl+].
Every time you press Ctrl+], the point size of the selection will increase by one point. To decrease font press Ctrl+[.  If you want more precise control over the point size (for instance, making something 11.5 points), you must use the Font dialog box by choosing Font from the Format menu, or by typing the desired font size directly into the Font Size control on the Formatting toolbar.
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If you feel there are some more tips that should be part of this list, do let me know and i will update this entry.
Thanks in advance!!