Thursday, March 17, 2016

[AX 7 Retail]: Retail SDK Handbook

Just a short but nevertheless important post. I discovered this document AX7 Retail Handbook while browsing my LCS deployed AX 7 RTW VM Retail SDK folder.

Overall the document is made up of two parts.
The first covers the Retail Sdk, build, configurations that can be done to be more productive. Additionally, typical branching strategy is discussed in order to work effectively in teams.
The second part contains details about the main extensibilities that are possible with the Retail Sdk. Anyone getting started with writing code against the Sdk can use it as a reference in order to get started.
Some sample extensions are also provided in the same folder path.
Kudos to the team at Microsoft for going the extra mile to provide this document and sample extensions.
PS: If you have access to the LCS Deployed VM please access these materials there, I would not be in a position to share these as copyrights apply.

 Update - These documents have been discussed in the Tech Conference Video ->Retail customizations: Part 1 which have been uploaded in the last week. Use below link to access

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