Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Some random things learnt in customizing AX

Get your basics right

1. Do not make mistakes in extended data types, correcting them later will be taxing. Get them right early on in development

2. The aim to be good in customizing AX is to be able to achieve the customization with the least amount of code possible.  This requires you to look for code that you can reuse in the app. Also it means that you know what can be achieved through AOT nodes, properties instead of writing code. This requires some experience for sure

3. In AX to consider where do you write your code is as important as what you write in your code. The same type of result can be achieved by writing code either at the form level or at the table level or other places but it is important to know where to write the code to ensure least performance hit. This also means you need to know how your code will execute i.e in the client tier or the server tier and maybe both.

4. AutoDeclaration

If you do not set AutoDeclaration property for a AOT object to "Yes", AX will not recognize it when you type its name in X++ code editor.

5. ReferenceFieldGroup

If you want to add a reference field to a field group you can do so only if the "Replacement Key" of that field is set to a unique key

.. Will keep updating this

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