Monday, July 15, 2013

Beginning AX Development

I am trying to collate learning resources for Dynamics AX 2012 and thought i will collect them in this post which could be useful for a wider audience
1. PartnerSource - This source from Microsoft itself is critical to  learn about new happenings in the AX world.

2. MSDN - it is one of the best source for all content and can be your starting point for learning AX
Functional Starting Point- Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality
Technical - Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer Center
Especially refer the How Do I videos section of the above URL.

 3. InformationSource - If you have access to InformationSource which is currently available to selected customers/partners, it is certainly a good source for learning more about AX

 4. Blogs List- There are a number of blogs available on the web. A list of some are available at this link-

5.  Microsoft Download Center - This portal provides Guides/White Papers/References on AX (
If you feel that a certain resource should definitely be included in this post feel free to drop in a comment about the same. 

Hitesh Manglani

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