Sunday, October 28, 2012

Windows 8 - what it brings to your table

Hi all,

I am excited at the launch of Microsoft Windows 8 not just because I am a Microsoft employee but for the features it brings to the table. There may be some confusion as to what all features it gives so let me try to clear that-

1. Windows 8 for non touch enabled devices - Windows 8 brings the following features for non touch enabled devices and at prices that are very reasonable - (Visit for more details)

a. Personalized Start screen and Live Tiles - You no longer have the Start button but a start screen that can be customized such that you can keep what apps you use the most only a single click away. The start screen has Live Tiles which update with real time information when connected to the web, this means that you no longer need to keep checking for your new mail in your inbox, the mail app's live tile will inform you of the same without even needing to open it.

b. Amazing apps - Windows 8 comes preinstalled with some amazing apps my personal favorites of these are the travel, photos, weather to name a few. There are many apps downloadable from windows store app which is preinstalled in the system. A lot of apps are on their way.

c. Cloud Connected - Windows 8 comes with a 7GB free space on Microsoft's SkyDrive which enables you to access you your important documents across many devices, by linking your PC with a Microsoft account. Not only your files but your pc settings and personalization is stored on the cloud as well which means they will hold good across multiple devices running windows 8.

d. Productivity - Windows 8 brings a feature called "Snap" which enables you to view 2 apps side by side for true multi tasking.

e. An integrated anti virus called Windows Defender is built in to protect your PC from viruses and other malware. This was previously called Microsoft Security Essentials and needed to be installed separately for Windows 7 and earlier machines.

f. Faster boot/shutdown time- Windows 8 boots significantly faster than Windows 7 and same holds good for shut down too. Also if you open an app and open another one, the previous app goes into a suspend mode and it no longer occupies memory.

2. Windows for touch enabled devices-

In addition to the above points Windows 8 is designed for touch enabled devices and offers you a fast and fluid touch experience and opens up a new way of interacting with the PC and there will be many apps coming soon to enable end users to benefit from this.

Final words from me would be that Windows 8 is not a simple update to Windows 7 it is truly Windows Reimagined. Windows 8 brings you best from both the worlds whether its Work or Play.

Windows 8 is a step into a new era where Microsoft visualizes a unified platform across multiple form factors, its novel and something no other company has attempted yet.


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